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All the tests offered by are professionally developed and based on a thorough statistical analysis. Our tests are designed by a team of experienced developers led by Ilona Jerabek, PhD. Each test is well researched and developed according to APA (American Psychological Association) standards for educational and psychological testing.

test science Extensive statistical analyses are a very important part of the scientific validation process. We gather data from tens of thousands of test-takers. In addition, we investigate the predictive validity of our Baseball Athlete Success Evaluation in with Major League Baseball. Based on our findings, we continue to update the tests to provide the most accurate results possible. Summary reports on the statistical analyses are available upon request.

test science Tests are scored by an advanced and innovative technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Our developers receive peer-reviewed R&D grants from Industry Canada to research ground-breaking testing technologies, such as fuzzy logic, fuzzy-neural networks and pattern recognition. Use of A.I allows us to feed expert knowledge into the test engine for automated scoring and report generation.

Our technical team, led by A.I researcher Vrat Jerabek, PhD, continuously conducts experiments and simulations to improve the AI systems that handle complicated scoring algorithms. Our systems provide visitors with a seamless experience, allowing their scores to be instantaneously calculated and displayed.